Wednesday, April 02, 2014

No Way Out!

No Way Out!

Family, ugh. (I was going to leave the post at this – but since my audience consists mostly of my family I thought that would be dangerous for my readership numbers.)

Continuing my mini-series on relationships I want to again focus on God creating the first eternal relationships. The idea of mankind being eternal from the outset!

The greatest part of the creation story involves two new eternal beings named Adam and Eve. Created male and Female and one for the other relationship drove the creation of these two. First, a creation in God’s image  and then a creation to accompany the original. The creation story is almost immediately followed by the story of the fall of man into sin (or out of relationship with God). In truth we don’t know exactly how long Adam and Eve experienced the benefit of relationship with God in the Garden – however the opinions of this range from minutes to years.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter, humans were created to be eternal, and that is just what Adam and Eve were. Come to think of it, that is what we are now. You see, from the outset of creation, humans have been eternal. At no time were humans any less or more than eternal. We don’t have a great grasp on what it means to be eternal, but to be honest I have a hard time imagining 65 years old too! We do understand that we are not physically eternal because of sin (although we were originally created that way) – it seems that we retain being spiritually eternal though.

To rephrase it another way, when we were created, there was no way out for us. We exist, whether in this body or not, and nothing we can do can change that. We are, and we always will be. God is eternal, and he then created man in his image. We need to come to grips with the eternal nature of our existence because only then can we truly focus on the relationship we have with God. It is hard for us because we had a beginning so, naturally we want an end.

When we come to grips with our relationship with God going beyond the physical limitation of time it should bring us to the point where we value it higher. Our relationship with God (good or bad) is never ending. We don’t get to opt out. God’s creation will always be judged and evaluated based on the relationship between Him and it. The good thing is that God offers to make us into a new creation when the old one has lost respect and love for God. This new creation we are made into is like when a potter reforms clay from one thing to another. The new creation is still the eternal material God started with, it is now just in a new glorious form that can again be in good relationship with Him.

When you think about the eternal nature of man, how does that settle with you?
Do things have to change in your life if you understand that you will exist forever?
What are the questions that come up as a result of being eternal?

How is the new creation a better creation? Can mankind fail again as a new creation?