Friday, April 04, 2014

Remarkable Kids: Family Friday!

Remarkable Kids.

To change things up a little I am planning on posting something more personal that focuses on my family specifically on Fridays. Family Friday!

One of the things that I am most proud of right now is my son. Andrew is 5 years old and he is KILLING IT! Andrew started Kindergarten this year at 4 years old and I was very worried that we were starting him too early. School faculty said he would be great, tests said we should start him and he said he was ready. I agreed but was very worried. My fears have been proven unfounded and it is further proof that children this age can rise when challenged and encouraged. I am so proud of him. 

Andrew also joined coach pitch baseball this year and again I am worried that he just isn't big enough for this. All his friends are playing and after one practice I know it will be tough for him - but he is very interested so I have to believe it will be fine. 

Andrew also has been working with bible drill at church this winter and the season is coming to an end - he is incredible! He has committed to memory about 15 new verses and has learned the references of four new key teachings that are in the bible. I am so happy for him. I can tell that he loves knowing more about the bible and it makes me happy to know that he shares a passion for God's word like I do. 

Isn't it true that we can inspire our kids, challenge them to work hard, help them set high expectations and then watch them exceed them? Andrew is special to me - but all children are remarkable and can be successful. So how am I going to encourage Bristol the same way? How will you encourage and challenge your kids?

What is one passion you would love to pass on to your child?
What are 2-3 ways you can pass this passion to them?
How can you encourage your child this week to work hard to be successful at a passion that is beneficial for their life?