Monday, March 31, 2014

For Man's Benefit

For Man’s Benefit

A few years ago I wrote a book about how God intended for relationships to work. I based everything around the idea that we were created for relationship – first with God and second with each other. Actually, I went on to argue that relationship with each other is a byproduct of our original purpose in creation – not the original purpose itself. However, I stated that since God is interested in relationship with people then He is also interested in people having relationship with other people. That makes sense, right? God wants us to experience the best and if He enjoys relationship with people then wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) we?

I have decided to post a series of excerpts from this book to talk about relationships. This first one talks about God’s intention in the creation of man – the start of relationship. I have friends that have really enjoyed a recent series on television that talks about the creation of the world and origin of life based on the theory of a “Big Bang” and evolutionary devices. As a Christian, I see the world as more intentional than that – not because science proves the intentionality of the world, but because my faith in God leads me to believe that I am lovely and special; intentionally. 

So, below is an excerpt that deals with one reason for God creating man (and the world).

God created man in his own image; man was created for the reason of fellowship with God. Not so much because God was bored, but rather because he knew it would be good for us. This is hard for us to grasp because we create things for the good of us, not for the good of the item.

You could maybe compare this to planting a tree (but still this doesn’t do it justice). When you put tree seeds in the ground and start to water them, you are doing this for the good of them. You don’t really gain much from the growing of these trees. You do gain some, whether it be fruit from it in future years, or shade while you read a book. If you are like Kelly and I, you did it because you wanted to get your landscaping deposit back from the neighborhood association.

-we create pizzas because we want to eat them.
-we create kids because we want kids.
-we create computers to make our lives easier.

That illustration doesn’t even do it justice, because God doesn’t really gain anything, because the nature of God is that he lacks nothing. So he chose to do something that we could never do, and frankly would never choose to do. God created man for man’s benefit.

Wrapping your mind around that would take an eternity, which is appropriate since that is what we all have.

What does this mean as we pursue relationships with other people?
Does our purpose for relationships change when we consider this purpose of God’s?
How does this idea shape your understanding of God’s love for you?