Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day blog.

It is Mother's Day. I don't have a lot of over-the-top respect for moms in general, but I do for my mom, and her mom. I have respect for my wife  (who is terrific) and her mom as well. I wouldn't say that all moms deserve to be celebrated. Simply getting pregnant doesn't automatically put you in a class of people like my mother. She is phenomenal and if you think you can mother as good as her, that is a great goal but a hard one to reach. If you think you can love your kids like my wife loves our kids I would bet against that - Kelly is amazing. 

This is what the day is for; not to blindly honor child bearing women but instead to honor the mothers in your life that have made a profound impact, both with you and your kids. Getting pregnant doesn't make you a good mom worthy of my praise. Giving birth doesn't make you a good mom worthy of my praise. Feeding a child doesn't make you a good mom worthy of my praise. However, being the woman who sat me down and said "always remember if no one else loves you; God and I do - no matter what!" Being the woman who made me a turkey sandwich in the middle of the night, being the woman who gave to me when she didn't have for herself, being the woman who came to my marching band competitions and drove me and my drums all over Minnesota - that gets you my praise! Loving me when it seemed no one else did, holding me when I was hurting physically and emotionally, loving me enough to teach me how to be an adult - that is the mother I respect and love and praise on Mother's Day! Susan Cheryl Buchanan is my mom, raised by a great mom herself - I am so blessed to have been given to her by God. 

There is another mother that has loved me deeper than any other. There is an age old question about whether you love your spouse or kids more. I think it is a ridiculous question and generally not worthy of an answer because how can you "love more" anyway. You either love or you don't. I will say, I love my kids but what moves me more than their beautiful lives is that there is a woman that, with me, dedicated herself to loving my kids! Better than the fact that we love our kids together is that her love for my kids is not dependent on me in anyway. Regardless of how she feels about me, regardless of whether I screw up or come up short - she loves my kids! The best way to love me is to love those that I love. Given the ridiculous question "would you choose to save your husband or your child if you could save just one?" Kelly would pick our children because she loves me and she knows her love for them is the best way to love me. I am blessed to have been given Kelly as a wife - the best mother our children could ever have known!

How are we? As the bride of Christ; do we love those who God loves because he loves them? What kind of mother am I to a lost child of God in need of kindness, care and love?

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms - I dare you to love your kids like these two women have loved me and mine!

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