Monday, April 28, 2014

Tattoo decisions

I have been asked many times if I would ever get a tattoo. The answer is always the same: "absolutely not". This is a decision that has already been made, many years ago and the answer is never going to change. There are decisions in my life that have been made that will sustain forever. Then there are decisions that have evolved and changed - or could evolve and change. I think it is important to know where an issue lies - is it a tattooing decision or a what to have for dinner decision?

I will never get a tattoo. 
I will always love Kelly as my wife. 
I will always follow Christ. 

I might eat at Long John Silvers (not likely though).
I might eat sashimi some day. 
I might start drinking diet pop. 
I might mow my yard some day. 

I might do those things, but today I would say no. Some decisions are decisions that can evolve with a person - others are permanent and will not change. 

How people come to permanent decisions that will never change is heavily influenced by the culture you grow up in. Sometimes positively, sometimes negatively. I will never get a tattoo. I didn't grow up around people who were passionate about tattoos and I had a fair amount of people in my life that I trusted that were opposed to all tattoos. This combination probably led to my permanent decision. The same is true of my following Christ. 

I am not sure, but I would say my commitment to Kelly stems from seeing both what a committed marriage looks like in comparison to what a marriage that ends looks like. 

Sometimes we are so affected by the results of other's decisions that it permanently causes us to choose a certain direction. The people we respect and trust can have a profound influence on the rest of your life. I know that Andrew is watching me and how I respond to things whether that be my fear of spiders or how I treat my wife - my actions and decisions have a profound influence on the rest of his life whether either of us realize it or not. 

What decisions will not change?
What are you modeling for those who are influenced by you?


Laura said...

Recently I heard an article on NPR (at least I think it was there) on tattoos and the workplace. They stated that some workplaces are tattoo-friendly while others are not. It warned people that they should take their tattoo-visibility "rules" from their supervisors...meaning only show tattoos and show them the same way as your boss (and your boss's boss) even if there is an official visible tattoo policy at your workplace. What I found most interesting is that the reporter suggested tattoo policy (and social acceptance) will vary greatly in the next few years because over 40% of "Millennials" have tattoos.

Keep us posted (with pics if necessary).

In other news...Michael and I just chatted this weekend about changes we have made in the way we view following Christ, the church, and other deep subjects in consequence to our friendship with you and this crazy-kid-now-grown-up named Kory.

Mary R Snyder said...

I won't EVER like Mayo.... except on a tomato sandwich.
But maybe you were going for something more serious.
I will ALWAYS love my husband.
I will ALWAYS love my children and my grands
I MIGHT start hating queso dip.... but that's highly unlikely