Wednesday, April 23, 2014

No regrets.

"You only regret the things you didn't do." This is the wisdom of the crazy. For everything you didn't do, there is something you did. If you regret one, you regret them both. 

"I regret not taking physics in high school. Which means I also regret taking so many music classes."

If it is true that to regret what you didn't do this means you have to also regret what you did. Maybe you don't regret as much as you think?

Life is filled with choices, many times they are choices between two good things. A choice between two good things should never inspire regret because then you are regretting the good thing you chose. 

I don't regret not having kids younger in life, because I wouldn't have had as much time to grow close to Kelly. Regret is a powerful thing. It requires you to admit that you wish you didn't have what you have (even if it is a memory) and you wish you had something else. 

So how do we do it? How do we choose between two competing good paths? 

First: you pick one. 
Second: always look for the benefit. 
Third: never be afraid to change when there is a better offer. 

Pick one:
I know, we should pray and seek God's direction for things and let him guide our life. Seriously though, maybe he brought us multiple good options that are great - just pick one. The beginning of a successful life is littered with making choices. Some good and some bad - but it is the ability to choose and move forward that allows you to be successful. 

Look for the benefit:
Every experience in life can benefit you, but you need to find the benefit. Sometimes that benefit is hard to see at first - but we need to keep out eyes searching for it. Benefits come in a variety of forms. Sometimes the benefit of a business deal is finding out that you can't trust someone. We may feel like that is negative, but knowing you can't trust someone helps you to stay away in the future with bigger business deals. Let learning and growing in knowledge be a benefit and you will never find a situation in life that doesn't have an upside. 

Never be afraid to change:
Change sometimes requires you to admit you were wrong - not changing requires you to admit you are right (whether you are or not). What is worse, being wrong but not admitting it or being right and admitting you were once wrong. Arrogance and pride don't make you more "right" - they just make you more stupid. Never be afraid to redirect life to a better path - it means admitting you don't have it all figured out but it also means you are one step closer to figuring it out. 

Change doesn't require regret. Some feel a natural motivation to regret everything they did prior to their current "thing". Just because you want something better doesn't mean that what you have isn't good. Don't regret the good in your life out of a false assumption that "if there is better, I must have failed." Change that comes your way in life is often inspired by figuring out you want better. We should always be thankful for the things that inspire us to better things. 

What do you think? 
Do you regret things you haven't done? 
Does this mean you do regret what you did instead of it?
What changes in life are you considering right now?

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